2016 Street Reconstruction Project

The City of Lakeville's 2016 Street Reconstruction Project proposes to reconstruct nearly 8.5 miles of streets within portions of the Amoco Addition, Argonne Park, Southfork Center 1st - 3rd Additions, Woodridge Estates, Woodridge Estates 2nd - 4th Additions, Raven Lake 1st Addition, Great Oak Shores, Great Oak Shores Point, Marion Hills 1st - 2nd Additions, Fox Meadows, Wilson Addition, Family of Christ Lutheran Church Addition, Antlers Park, Marion Pines, Marion Pines 3rd Addition, Lenihans Lots Antlers Park, Kirk Meyer Addition, Bassetts 1st - 3rd Additions, Wagners View, Greers Rearrangement, Orchard Meadows of Lakeville, Antlers Park Minnesota Subdivision of Lot 1 Block 23 and Antlers Park Subdivision of Blocks 24 and 26.

It is anticipated that construction would be completed May - November, 2016.

If you have any questions regarding the project, email Matt Barnard, Operations and Maintenance Coordinator, or call him at 612-718-3985.

Project Newsletters

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Special Assessments

Amortization schedules for residential properties can be found below and are listed by project area. These amortization schedules are based on estimated special assessment amounts and an estimated 4.5% interest rate. The final assessment amounts and interest rate will be determined in the spring of 2016.

Please contact Chris Petree, Public Works Director, at 952-985-2701 for amortization schedules for commercial properties.

Special Assessment Deferment

The Lakeville City Council can defer the payment of any special assessment on homestead property owned by an individual who is at least 65 years old or is unemployed due to a total and permanent disability and meets the income requirements. For more information, download the documents below.