Living in Lakeville

New to Lakeville? We are so excited you decided to join us. 

Lakeville is ideally positioned for easy access to the Twin Cities' numerous regional amenities and attractions. Our neighborhoods are safe, accessible and growing.

63000+ population blue circle graphic

As Lakeville grows its population of over 63,000, it continues to attract quality growth while maintaining the small-town feeling and high quality of life that makes it exceptional.

100 plus parks in lakeville blue circle graphic

With over 60 parks, more than 100 miles of trails and vibrant lakes, our community is alive with countless cultural, recreational, educational and leisure activities. We are dog-friendly, and our city loves our local pets!

#1 safest city as of 2017 blue circle graphic

Lakeville was named the number 1 safest city in Minnesota and one of the top 25 percent safest cities in the United States by Safe Homes in 2017. Our police department, firefighters, and excellent public works staff provide superior safety standards to keep you, and our neighborhoods safe.

38 in a blue circle

With numerous award-winning schools, our expansive city covers 38 miles filled with an excellent quality of life, arts centers, recreational facilities and more.

We cannot wait for you to thrive in the City of Lakeville.